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Accessing ARM® Compiler from ARM® DS-5

ARM® DS-5 is a development suite that provides ARM Compiler 6 as a built-in toolchain.

This task describes how to access and configure ARM Compiler from the DS-5 environment.


Ensure you have DS-5 installed. Create a new C or C++ project in DS-5. For information on creating new projects in DS-5, see Creating a new C or C++ project.


  1. Select the project in DS-5.
  2. Select Project > Properties.
  3. From the left-hand side menu, select C/C++ Build > Tool Chain Editor.
  4. In the Current toolchain options, select ARM Compiler 6 if this is not already selected.
  5. From the left-hand side menu, select C/C++ Build > Settings.

    Figure 1-2 Accessing ARM Compiler settings from DS-5

    For information about using DS-5, see the DS-5 Getting Started Guide and DS-5 Debugger Guide.

  6. After setting the compiler options right-click on the project and select Build Project.
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