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Arm Compiler User Guide : Vector table for M-profile architectures

Vector table for M-profile architectures

The vector table for the microcontroller profiles consists of addresses to the relevant handlers.

The handler for exception number n is held at (vectorbaseaddress + 4 * n).

In Armv7‑M and Armv8‑M processors you can specify the vectorbaseaddress in the Vector Table Offset Register (VTOR) to relocate the vector table. The default location on reset is 0x0 (CODE space). For Armv6‑M, the vector table base address is fixed at 0x0. The word at vectorbaseaddress holds the reset value of the main stack pointer.


The least significant bit, bit[0] of each address in the vector table must be set or a HardFault exception is generated. Arm® Compiler toolchain normally enables this for you if T32 symbol names are used in the table.

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