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Arm Compiler User Guide : Accessing Arm Compiler from the Arm Keil μVision IDE

Accessing Arm® Compiler from the Arm® Keil® μVision® IDE

MDK is a microprocessor development suite that provides the μVision® IDE, and Arm® Compiler 6 as a built-in toolchain.

This task describes how to access and configure Arm Compiler 6 from the μVision IDE:


Ensure you have μVision installed. Create a new project in μVision.


  1. Select the project in μVision.
  2. Select Project > Manage > Project 'project_name' Project Items.

    Figure 1-3 Accessing the Arm Compiler version from μVision

    Accessing the Arm Compiler version from μVision

  3. Select the Folders/Extensions tab.
  4. Click Setup Default ARM Compiler Version.
  5. For each device, select the version of Arm Compiler you want to use. For example, v6.10.
  6. Click OK to close each of the dialog boxes in turn.
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