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Vector Table Offset Register

In Armv7‑M and Armv8‑M, the Vector Table Offset Register locates the vector table in CODE, RAM, or SRAM space.

When setting a different location, the offset, in bytes, must be aligned to:

  • a power of 2.
  • a minimum of 128 bytes.
  • a minimum of 4*N, where N is the number of exceptions supported.

The minimal alignment is 128 bytes, which allows for 32 exceptions. 16 registers are reserved for system exceptions, and therefore, you can use for up to 16 interrupts.

To use more interrupts, you must adjust the alignment by rounding up to the next power of two. For example, if you require 21 interrupts, then the total number of exceptions is 37 (21 plus 16 reserved system exceptions). The alignment must be on a 64-word boundary because the next power of 2 after 37 is 64.


Implementations might restrict where the vector table can be located. For example, in Cortex®-M3 r0p0 to r2p0, the vector table cannot be in RAM space.