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Log view column headers

The Log view lists all annotations, except CAM annotations, that were generated during your capture session.


To populate the Log view, insert ANNOTATE statements in your code or add bookmarks to the capture in Live view.

The Log view contains the following column headers:


The number of seconds since the start of the capture session when the message was generated. All messages appear in the Log view in chronological order.


The duration in seconds of the annotation. For bookmark annotations, this value is zero.


The contents of the annotation message. For bookmark annotations, whether they are generated on the target by an annotation or added manually in Live view, a bookmark icon () precedes the message text. For visual annotations, a camera icon is displayed. To see the image, select a row with a camera icon.

Figure 9-1 Annotations in the Log view

Annotations in the Log view


The name of the group to which the annotation channel belongs. Group 0 is displayed if the channel does not belong to a group.


The name of the channel to which the annotation belongs. Channel 0 is displayed if the annotation does not belong to a channel.


The process and thread that generated the message.


Unlike the other table reports in Streamline, you cannot sort the data in the Log view.