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Log view filter fields and toolbar options

The Log view provides several filter fields above the table data which enable you to filter the messages displayed.

You can enter a regular expression in any of the filter fields listed below, except the When and Duration fields. Only messages that match the pattern appear in the list, sorted in chronological order. The Log view contains the following filter fields:

Filters the Log view based on when Streamline captured the annotation. To define a range, use a dash to separate the lower and upper limits. For example, 4-5 filters the Log view to only show annotations captured between seconds 4 and 5 inclusive. To define a range up to a certain number, enter a dash and then a single number. To define a range that includes a number and everything above it, enter a number followed by a dash. For example, to filter for annotations that occurred at the thirty second mark or later in the capture, enter 30-.
Filters the Log view based on the duration of the annotation. As with the When field, you can enter a number or a range of numbers.
Shows only messages that match the regex.
Shows only messages that belong to a particular group.
Shows only messages assigned to a particular channel.
Filters the view based on the name of the process or thread that logged the message.

In addition, a totals panel gives additional information when you select multiple messages in the view. It contains the following fields:

Log Entries
The total number of entries you have selected in the Log view.
The time difference in seconds between the selected entries that were logged first and last. To select multiple entries, click on one, then hold down the Shift or Ctrl key and click on another.

Figure 9-2 Log view totals panel

Log view totals panel

The Log view has the following toolbar options:

Export table to a text file
Opens the Export dialog box, which enables you to export the data from the Log view to a text file.
Show Help
Opens contextual help.