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Energy Probe data in Streamline

After you have successfully set up the Energy Probe and have run a capture session, you can see the Energy Probe data aligned to the software activity in the Timeline view.

If your target meets the requirements, and you have attached a power probe point that closely resembles the activity of the CPU cores using Channel 0, the Streamline correlation algorithm aligns the data for you. Notes that appear when you click the warnings tag on the left side of the toolbar communicate any limitations or failures in this area.

When you have set up everything correctly, run a standard report capture and analysis. A large variance between idle and activity ensures that the correlation algorithm has something to lock onto, so set your workloads accordingly. If you have connected and configured your Energy Probe correctly, a power chart appears in the Timeline view.

Figure 11-5 Energy Probe data in the Timeline view

Energy Probe data in the Timeline view