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Energy Probe overview

To capture energy data for Streamline you must have either an Energy Probe or a supported NI DAQ device.

The Energy Probe is designed to be a low impact, inexpensive solution to give application and system software developers quick feedback on the impact of their code on the system energy footprint. It is intended to provide a better understanding of the static and dynamic behavior of the target system for the purposes of debugging, profiling, and analysis. It is not intended to be a high-precision data acquisition instrument for power benchmarking.

The Energy Probe has three power connectors, each of which is designed to connect to a 2-pin header for measuring the power. This allows the energy probe to provide three independent power, current, or voltage measurements.

Figure 11-1 Energy Probe schematic

In addition to the three power connectors, the Energy Probe has a single pin GND connector that must be connected to ground on your target board. It provides a ground connection for the Energy Probe.

Each of the three power connectors measures:

  • The current flow through a shunt resistor of a known value on your target system
  • The voltage at the positive terminals of the Energy Probe.

Figure 11-2 Energy Probe electrical connection example


The Energy Probe has flying leads and must be carefully connected to your target. Do not plug the green ground wire into anything but the target ground. This includes I/O pins and power pins. Doing so could cause damage to your Energy Probe or the power supply of your target.