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Code view toolbar options

The toolbar of the Code view contains the following buttons:

Disassembly View
Opens the disassembly panel. The disassembly panel takes up the bottom section of the Code view and shows the assembly language instructions that are associated with the source code.
Recently Selected Functions
Opens a drop-down list that enables you to choose a recently selected function from a list. This selects the function in the Code view.
Edit Source
Opens the source file in your preferred editor.
Set Path Prefix Substitutions
Opens the Path Prefix Substitutions dialog box. This enables you to set up path substitutions so that Arm Streamline can find code that is not located in the same directory that it was in during compilation.
Select the source from the first drop-down list, then select the counter to view from the second drop-down list. The first list can contain the following sources:
  • Periodic Sampling. This option is the default.
  • EBS. This option is similar to Periodic Sampling but only shows samples for EBS counters.
  • SPE. This option shows samples for SPE counters.
  • Python. This option is available if you use to collect samples from Python scripts. When using this option, the disassembly view is empty.
Opens contextual help.