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Troubleshooting Android issues

Android has the following known issues:

Problem Solution
run-as command fails on Android. Make sure that the application is debuggable.
The following error is reported:
run-as: Could not set capabilities: Operation not permitted

The run-as command is broken.

This error is a known issue on the Samsung Galaxy S7 with no known work-around.

Capture fails on startup, usually showing no events captured.

This problem usually indicates a failure to configure the perf API. Run the following command:

adb shell setprop security.perf_harden 0

Reduce the set of events that are captured or try capturing only a limited set of perf software events. This error can be caused by:

  • Exceeding the limit for the number of open file descriptors.
  • The target device does not have a correctly configured PMU driver.
Hardware counters read as zero. This error is usually a sign of misconfigured PMU. It is not usually possible to work around.
Mali counters are not detected. Try specifying--mali-type and optionally --mali-device command-line arguments when running gatord.
When running non-root on Android, gatord exits with the message:
Error creating server TCP socket
  • Run gatord -p uds … to enable use of UDS socket instead of TCP socket.
  • Execute adb forward tcp:<some-port> localabstract:streamline-data on your host to configure port forwarding.
  • Set the target address as localhost:<some-port> in the Target View Address Field text box.