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Troubleshooting Energy Probe issues

If you encounter a problem using the Energy Probe, consult the following list of potential problems and error messages.



Difficulty running caiman from Arm Streamline.

Run caiman on the command line in local mode. For example:

DS_install_directory/bin/caiman -l -r 0:20

Information to assist with debugging is displayed. If no messages are printed after a few seconds, you can kill caiman.

If there are no problems, the 0000000000 file is non-empty.

Error message generated:

Unable to detect the energy probe

Disconnect and reconnect the Energy Probe, and ensure the Energy Probe properly enumerates with the OS. This problem can occur on some operating systems that do not properly re-enumerate the Energy Probe device after rebooting, or going into sleep or hibernate.

Error message generated:

Unable to set `/dev/ttyACM0` to raw mode, please verify the device exists

Check the permissions of /dev/ttyACM0. You may need to add your username to a group or modify the permissions of /dev/ttyACM0. If the problem persists, a different program may be using the device. Use lsof to debug further. On Ubuntu, after plugging in the Energy Probe, the modem-manager opens the device for a while.
/dev/ttyACM0 does not exist after plugging in the energy probe. Upgrade to Linux version 2.6.36 or later.

Error message generated:

bash: ./caiman: No such file or directory

Ensure /lib/ is installed. It is in the libc6-i386 package on Ubuntu. This problem can occur when running the 32-bit version of caiman on x86_64.
The power values in Arm Streamline look incorrect. Ensure that the shunt resistor values are correct in the Energy Capture section of the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box.
Missing channels. Ensure either power, voltage, or current is checked in the Energy Capture section of the Capture & Analysis Options dialog box.
Data is reporting zero or close to zero values. Check the connections. If you are using the Energy Probe, ensure that the green LED is on.

Error message generated:

caiman-src/EnergyProbe.cpp:27:21: error: libudev.h: No such file or directory

Your platform does not support udev or is missing the udev headers. Either install libudev-dev, or equivalent, or disable udev support in CMakeLists.txt by setting SUPPORT_UDEV to 0.