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Arm Cortex‑A76 Core Technical Reference Manual : AArch32 architectural system register summary

AArch32 architectural system register summary

This chapter identifies the AArch32 architectural system registers implemented in the Cortex®‑A76 core.

The following table identifies the architecturally defined registers that are implemented in the Cortex‑A76 core. For a description of these registers see the Arm® Architecture Reference Manual Armv8, for Armv8-A architecture profile.

For the registers listed in the following table, coproc==0b1111.

Table B1-1 Architecturally defined registers

Name CRn Opc1 CRm Opc2 Width description
CNTFRQ c14 0 c0 0 32 Timer Clock Ticks per Second
CNTP_CTL c14 0 c2 1 32 Counter-timer Physical Timer Control register
CNTP_CVAL - 2 c14 - 64 Counter-timer Physical Timer CompareValue register
CNTP_TVAL c14 0 c2 0 32 Counter-timer Physical Timer TimerValue register
CNTPCT - 0 c14 - 64 Counter-timer Physical Count register
CNTV_CTL c14 0 c3 1 32 Counter-timer Virtual Timer Control register
CNTV_CVAL - 3 c14 - 64 Counter-timer Virtual Timer CompareValue register
CNTV_TVAL c14 0 c3 0 32 Counter-timer Virtual Timer TimerValue register
CNTVCT - 1 c14 - 64 Counter-timer Virtual Count register
CP15ISB c7 0 c5 4 32 Instruction Synchronization Barrier System instruction
CP15DSB c7 0 c10 4 32 Data Synchronization Barrier System instruction
CP15DMB c7 0 c10 5 32 Data Memory Barrier System instruction
DLR c4 3 c5 1 32 Debug Link Register
DSPSR c4 3 c5 0 32 Debug Saved Program Status Register
TPIDRURO c13 0 c0 3 32 User Read Only Thread ID Register
TPIDRURW c13 0 c0 2 32 User Read/Write Thread ID Register
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