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Implementation options

The following table lists the implementation options for a core.

Table A1-1 Core implementation options

Feature Range of options Notes
L2 cache size
  • 128KB
  • 256KB
  • 512KB
L2 transaction queue size
  • 24 entries
  • 36 entries
  • 48 entries
There are two identical L2 banks in the Cortex‑A76 core that can be configured with 12, 18, or 24 L2 transaction queue entries per L2 bank.
L1 and L2 ECC or parity protection Can be included or not included. L1 and L2 error protection can only be enabled if L3 cache error protection is enabled.
Cryptographic Extension Can be included or not included. -
Core bus width 128-bit, 256-bit This specifies the bus width between the core and the DSU CPU bridge. The legal core bus width and master bus width combinations are:
  • If the core bus width is 128 bits, the master bus interface can be any of the following options.
    • Single 128-bit wide ACE interface.
    • Dual 128-bit wide ACE interfaces.
    • Single 128-bit wide CHI interface.
    • Single 256-bit wide CHI interface.
  • If the core bus width is 256 bits, the master bus interface is a single 256-bit wide CHI interface.
CoreSight Embedded Logic Analyzer (ELA) Optional support Support for integrating CoreSight ELA-500. CoreSight is a separately licensable product.
ELA RAM Address size See the Arm® CoreSight™ ELA-500 Embedded Logic Analyzer Technical Reference Manual for the full supported range. The default and recommended value for Cortex‑A76 is 6.
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