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User I/O connector

To set up custom input or output signals to your target, use the user Input/Output (I/O) connector.

The user I/O connector is a standard 10-way 2.54mm pitch box header on the rear of DSTREAM-ST.

Figure 2-8 User I/O connector pinout


When connecting and disconnecting the user I/O port, Arm recommends that all equipment is powered-down.

User I/O pinout table

Table 2-10 User I/O pinout table

Pin Signal name   Pin Signal name
1 Output 1   2 Output 2
3 Output 3   4 Output 4
5 Output 5   6 Input 1
7 Output 6   8 Input 2
9 3.3V (output)   10 GND


  • User outputs use the 3.3V LVCMOS standard and have a 100R series resistor for short-circuit protection.
  • User inputs use the 3.3V LVCMOS standard and have a 10K series resistor and 100K pull-up resistor. The inputs can be safely driven up to a maximum of 5V.
  • The 3.3V power output can be used to supply external circuitry up to a maximum current of 150mA. If an over-current condition occurs, this power output shuts down until the debug unit is reset.
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