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About DS-5 Debugger

DS-5 Debugger, a graphical debugger supporting software development on Arm® processor-based targets and Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP) targets.

It makes it easy to debug bare-metal and Linux applications with comprehensive and intuitive views, including synchronized source and disassembly, call stack, memory, registers, expressions, variables, threads, breakpoints, and trace.

Using the Debug Control view, you can single-step through applications at source-level or instruction-level and see the other views update as the code is executed. Setting breakpoints or watchpoints can assist you by stopping the application and enabling you to explore the behavior of the application. You can also use the Trace view on some targets to trace function executions in your application with a timeline showing the sequence of events.

You can also debug using the DS-5 Command Prompt command-line console.

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