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Building the gnometris project from Eclipse

gnometris is an Arm® Linux application that you can run and debug on your target. The supplied project contains prebuilt image binaries. Use these instructions to rebuild the project.


  1. Import the Armv7 Linux application examples into your workspace. These include the gnometris example.
  2. Download and copy the DS-5 Linux example distribution into your workspace.
  3. Select the gnometris project in the Project Explorer view.
  4. Select Build Project from the Project menu.

    The gnometris example contains a Makefile to build the project. The Makefile provides the usual make rules: clean, all, and rebuild.

When you build the gnometris project, it produces the following applications:

  • A stripped version of the application containing no debug information. This is for downloading to the target.
  • A larger sized version of the application containing full debug information for use by the debugger when debugging at the source level.