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Loading the Gnometris application on a Fixed Virtual Platform (FVP)

You can load the Gnometris application on to an FVP that is running Arm® Linux.

An FVP enables you to run and debug applications on your host workstation without using any hardware targets.

A preconfigured FVP connection is available that automatically boots Linux, launches gdbserver, and then launches the application.


  1. Launch Eclipse.
  2. Click on the Project Explorer view.
  3. Expand the gnometris project folder.
  4. Right-click on the launch file, gnometris-FVP.launch.
  5. In the context menu, select Debug As.
  6. Select the gnometris-FVP.launch entry in the submenu.
  7. Debugging requires the DS-5 Debug perspective. If the Confirm Perspective Switch dialog box opens, click Yes to switch perspective.
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