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Registering a compiler toolchain from Eclipse

You can register compiler toolchains using the Preferences dialog in Eclipse for DS-5.


  1. To view the compiler toolchains that DS-5 currently knows about, select Windows > Preferences. And then select DS-5 > Toolchains.

    Figure 4-30 Toolchains Preferences dialog

    Toolchains Preferences dialog

  2. To add a toolchain, select Add. This displays the Add a new Toolchain dialog.
  3. Enter the path to the toolchain binaries that you want to use. Then click Next to autodetect the toolchain properties.
  4. When the toolchain properties have been autodetected, you can select Finish to register the toolchain. Alternatively, select Next to manually enter or change the toolchain properties, and then select Finish.

    Figure 4-31 Properties for the new toolchain

    Properties for the new toolchain


    You must manually enter the toolchain properties if:
    • The toolchain properties were not autodetected.
    • The family, major version, and minor version of the new toolchain are identical to a toolchain that DS-5 already knows about.
  5. Select Apply from the Toolchains preferences dialog. The new toolchain has now been registered into DS-5. You must restart DS-5 before you can use the new toolchain in the DS-5 environment.