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Registering a compiler toolchain from the DS-5 command prompt

Use the add_toolchain utility from the command prompt to register a new toolchain.

To register a toolchain using the DS-5 command prompt:


  1. Enter add_toolchain path, where path is the directory containing the toolchain binaries. The utility automatically detects the toolchain properties.


    By default, the add_toolchain utility is an interactive tool. To use the add_toochain utility as a non-interactive tool, add the --non-interactive option to the command.

    For example: add_toolchain C:\ARMCC\5.03\26\ds-win-x86_64-rel\bin --non-interactive

    Figure 4-32 Registering a new toolchain

    Registering a new toolchain

  2. The utility prompts whether you want to register the toolchain with the details it has detected. If you want to change the details, the utility prompts for the details of the toolchain.


    • The toolchain type must be one of Arm® Compiler 4, Arm Compiler 5, Arm Compiler 6, or GCC.
    • The toolchain target only applies to GCC toolchains. It indicates what target platform the GCC toolchain builds for. For example, if your compiler toolchain binary is named arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc, then the target name is the prefix arm-linux-gnueabihf. The target field allows DS-5 to distinguish different toolchains that otherwise have the same version.

    Figure 4-33 Registering a new toolchain

    Registering a new toolchain


    You must manually enter the toolchain properties if:
    • The toolchain properties were not autodetected.
    • The type, major version, and minor version of the new toolchain are identical to a toolchain that DS-5 already knows about.
  3. After you register a new toolchain, you must restart DS-5 before you can use the toolchain in the DS-5 environment.
  4. When you create a new project, DS-5 shows the new toolchain in the available list of toolchains. In this example, ARMCCv5.01 is the newly registered toolchain.

    Figure 4-34 Using a new toolchain for a new project

    Using a new toolchain for a new project

    For an existing project, if you want to change the toolchain to the newly registered toolchain, use the Tool Chain Editor dialog.

    • Right-click the project and select Properties to show the Properties dialog.
    • Select C/C++ Build > Tool Chain Editor

      Figure 4-35 Changing the toolchain for a project

      Changing the toolchain for a project