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Setting up the compilation tools for a specific build configuration

The C/C++ Build configuration panels enable you to set up the compilation tools for a specific build configuration, in your project. The settings in these panels determine how the compilation tools build an Arm® executable image or library.

To access the build configuration panels:


  1. Select the project in the Project Explorer view.
  2. Select Project > Properties.
  3. Expand C/C++ Build and select Settings.
  4. The Configuration panel shows the active configuration. If required, click Manage Configurations... from the Configuration panel to create a new build configuration or change the currently selected configuration.
  5. In the Tool Settings tab, you can configure the compilation settings for the build. If required, you can configure the optimization and debug level settings for the compiler:
    1. Select ARM C Compiler 6 > Optimizations to display the optimization settings and change them.
    2. Select ARM C Compiler 6 > Debugging to display debug settings and change them.


    Makefile projects do not use these configuration panels. The Makefile must contain all the required compilation tool settings.

    Figure 4-4 Typical build settings dialog box for a C project

    Typical build settings dialog box for a C project

  6. You must specify a linker base address. Select ARM Linker 6 > Image Layout.
  7. In the RO base address (--ro_base) field, enter 0x80000000.

    Figure 4-5 Specifying the base address

    Specifying the base address

  8. Click OK to save the settings and close the dialog box.
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