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Launching Eclipse

How you launch Eclipse depends on your platform.

To launch Eclipse:

  • On Windows, select Start > All Programs > Arm DS-5 > Eclipse for DS-5.
  • On Linux:

    • If you installed the shortcut during installation, you can select Eclipse for DS-5 in the Applications menu.

    • If you did not install the shortcut during installation:

      1. Add the install_directory/bin directory to your PATH environment variable. If it is already configured, then you can skip this step.

      2. Open Unix bash shell.
      3. Enter eclipse at the prompt.

When Eclipse launches for the first time, the Workspace Launcher dialog box opens. This enables you to select your workspace and accept the default settings. After you select your workspace, click OK. You are then presented with the Welcome screen.

Language packs

Some features of the workbench are translated into different languages. You can download language packs from the Eclipse website when available.

There are two ways to launch the workbench with a different language pack:

  • If your operating system is running in the language that you want to use, then the workbench automatically displays the translated features.
  • If your operating system is not running in the language that you want to use, then you must specify the -nl command-line argument when launching the workbench.

    For example, to use the Japanese language pack, enter:

    eclipse -nl ja


Arm Compiler 6 does not support Japanese characters in source files.