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The main menu is located at the top of the Eclipse window and can be customized to your personal preferences. The contents might vary depending on the installed plug-ins and also the active perspective.

Eclipse supports the following options from the main menu:

Enables you to create, save, close, print, import, and export resources. You can also manage project and file property settings.
Enables you to cut, copy, paste, find, and replace text within a resource.
Enables you to navigate and quickly find specific resources.
Provides an advanced filter for searching through resources.
Enables you to manage project build configurations and perform specific builds. You can also customize the build settings for Arm® tools.
Enables you to run, send to, debug or configure external tools. You can also manage breakpoints and watchpoints.
Enables you to open, close, and customize perspectives, views and editors.
Provides documentation on Eclipse and the Arm tools and software updates. You can also access the menu option About Arm DS-5 to open a dialog box that displays the version and build number for the current product.

Right-clicking on a resource produces a context menu for specific tasks. For more information on the other menu options not listed here, use the dynamic help.