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Workbench features

The workbench is the main development environment where you can manage individual projects, associated sub-folders, and source files.

Each workbench window is linked to one workspace. If you want to use different workspaces at the same time, you can launch several workbench windows and link each one to a different workspace.

The main workbench features are:

Editors enable you to view and modify the content of a file, for example source files. The tabs in the editor area show files that are currently open for editing.
Menus and Toolbars
The main menu and toolbar are located at the top of the Eclipse window. Other toolbars associated with specific features are located at the top of each perspective or view.
Perspectives define the layout of your selected views and editors in Eclipse. They also have their own associated menus and toolbars.
Resources are projects, files, and folders that exist in your workbench.
Views provide related information corresponding to the active file in the editor. They also have their own associated menus and toolbars.
Workspace is an area designated on your file system to store files and folders related to your workbench projects and also your personal workbench settings.