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The workspace is an area designated on your file system to store files and folders related to your workbench projects and also your personal workbench settings.


Arm® recommends that you select a dedicated workspace folder for your workbench projects only. If you select an existing folder containing resources that are not related to workbench projects, you cannot access them in Eclipse. These resources might also cause a conflict later when you create and build projects.

Changes to the customized settings in the Window > Preferences dialog box are saved in your workspace. If you select a different workspace then these settings might be different.

When Eclipse launches for the first time, the Workspace Launcher dialog box opens enabling you to select your workspace.

On subsequent launches the last saved workspace is shown as the default selection in the drop-down menu. You can select another workspace by clicking on the down arrow or the Browse... button.

Figure 1-3 Workspace Launcher dialog box

Workspace Launcher dialog box

If required, select the option to disable the Workspace Launcher dialog box from opening on subsequent launches.


You can change the default workspace at any time by selecting Switch Workspace... from the File menu.

Alternatively, to open Eclipse and automatically link to a specific workspace you can use the -data command-line argument. For example:

eclipse -data h:\workspace

Editing files outside Eclipse

Project sub-folders and files can be edited even when Eclipse is not running. When you next launch Eclipse, the default preferences enable the relevant views to refresh and update. Alternatively, if you change the default preferences to disable auto-refresh, you can click on the updated sub-folder or file in the Project Explorer view and select Refresh from the File menu.