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Arm DS-5 Debugger User Guide : About debugging multi-threaded applications

About debugging multi-threaded applications

The debugger tracks the current thread using the debugger variable, $thread. You can use this variable in print commands or in expressions.

Threads are displayed in the Debug Control view with a unique ID that is used by the debugger and a unique ID from the Operating System (OS), for example:

os_idle_demon #3 stopped (USR) (ID 255)

where #3 is the unique ID used by the debugger, (USR) indicates the user mode, and ID 255 is the ID from the OS.

A separate call stack is maintained for each thread and the selected stack frame is shown in bold text. All the views in the DS-5 Debug perspective are associated with the selected stack frame and are updated when you select another frame.

Figure 6-1 Threading call stacks in the Debug Control view

Threading call stacks in the Debug Control view

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