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Arm DS-5 Debugger User Guide : Creating an extension database for flash programming

Creating an extension database for flash programming

In certain scenarios, it might not be desirable or possible to modify the default DS-5 configuration database. In this case, you can create your own configuration databases and use them to extend the default installed database.

To create an extension configuration database:


  1. At your preferred location, create a new directory with the name of your choice for the extension database.
  2. In your new directory, create two subdirectories and name them Boards and Flash respectively.
    1. In the Boards directory, create a subdirectory for the board manufacturer.
    2. In the board manufacturer subdirectory, create another directory for the board.
    3. In the Flash directory, create a subdirectory and name it Algorithms.

      For example, for a manufacturer MegaSoc-Co who makes Acme-Board-2000, the directory structure would look similar to this:

         \---> MegaSoc-Co 
                  \---> Acme-Board-2000 
         \---> Algorithms  
  3. From the main menu in DS-5, select Window > Preferences > DS-5 > Configuration Database.
    1. In the User Configuration Databases area, click Add.
    2. In the Add configuration database location dialog, enter the Name and Location of the your configuration database and click OK.
  4. In the Preferences dialog, click OK to confirm your changes.
    Within the project_types.xml file for your platform, any reference to a CDB:// location will now resolve to the Boards/<manufacturer>/<board> directory and any reference to a FDB:// location will resolve to the Flash directory.