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Disconnecting from a target

You can use either the Debug Control or Commands view to disconnect from a target.

  • If using the Debug Control view, click the Disconnect from Target toolbar icon in the Debug Control view.

    Figure 2-14 Disconnecting from a target

    Disconnecting from a target

  • If using the Commands view, enter quit in the Command field and click Submit.

The disconnection process ensures that the target's state does not change, aside from the following exceptions:

  • Any downloads to the target are canceled and stopped.
  • Any breakpoints are cleared on the target, but are maintained in DS-5.
  • The DAP (Debug Access Port) is powered down.
  • Debug bits in the DSC (Debug Status Control) register are cleared.

If a trace capture session is in progress, it continues to be captured even after DS-5 has disconnected from the target.

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