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Debug Configurations - Arguments tab

If your application accepts command-line arguments to main(), specify them using the Arguments tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box.

The Arguments tab contains the following elements:


These settings only apply if the target supports semihosting and they cannot be changed while the target is running.
Program Arguments

This panel enables you to enter the arguments. Arguments are separated by spaces. They are passed to the target application unmodified except when the text is an Eclipse argument variable of the form ${var_name} where Eclipse replaces it with the related value.

For a Linux target, you might have to escape some characters using a backslash (\) character. For example, the @, (, ), ", and # characters must be escaped.


This button opens the Select Variable dialog box where you can select variables that are passed to the application when the debug session starts. For more information on variables, use the dynamic help.


Save the current configuration. This does not connect to the target.


Undo any changes and revert to the last saved configuration.


Connect to the target and close the Debug Configurations dialog box.


Close the Debug Configurations dialog box.

Figure 11-65 Arguments tab

Arguments tab