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Debug Configurations - Export tab

A DS-5 debug launch configuration typically describes the target to connect to, the communication protocol or probe to use, the application to load on the target, and debug information to load in the debugger. Use the Export tab in the Debug Configurations dialog box to export the current launch configuration to a format that can be used from the command-line debugger.

On exporting, all Eclipse variables are replaced with their actual values so that the resulting file can be used across multiple machines or workspaces. Path variables are resolved to their absolute path values.

Figure 11-68 Export tab

Export tab

Exporting a launch configuration to use at the command-line

To export a launch configuration to use at the command-line:

  1. Create a launch configuration with the required target, application, and image.
  2. In the Export tab, of the Debug Configurations dialog, click Export, and save the .cli file.

After exporting the file, use the --launch-config command-line debugger command to load the launch configuration from the command-line debugger.

For example:

debugger --launch-config "C:/Workspace/debugconfiguration.cli"