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Target Console view

Use the Target Console view to display messages from the target setup scripts.


Default settings for this view are controlled by DS-5 Debugger options in the Preferences dialog box. For example, the default location for the console log. You can access these settings by selecting Preferences from the Window menu.

Toolbar and context menu options

The following options are available from the toolbar or context menu:

Linked: context

Links this view to the selected connection in the Debug Control view. This is the default. Alternatively you can link the view to a different connection. If the connection you want is not shown in the drop-down list you might have to select it first in the Debug Control view.

Save Console Buffer

Saves the contents of the Target Console view to a text file.

Clear Console

Clears the contents of the Target Console view.

Toggles Scroll Lock

Enables or disables the automatic scrolling of messages in the Target Console view.

Bring to Front when target output is detected

Enabled by default. The debugger automatically changes the focus to this view when target output is detected.


Copies the selected text.


Pastes text that you have previously copied.

Select All

Selects all text.