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About ARM® tools

ARM® tools provide you with ways to analyze the behavior of your applications and locate performance issues.

ARM tools include:

Mali™ Graphics Debugger

The Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD) is an API trace and debug tool. It helps you to identify possible issues with your applications.

MGD provides you with a set of tools that enable you to monitor and analyze the operation of your application. It can display different kinds of information and statistics that tell you about the data accesses and processing in your application.

For more information see Appendix A The Mali Graphics Debugger.

ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer

Streamline Performance Analyzer is a tool that provides you with information about how well your application performs.

Streamline Performance Analyzer enables you to measure different counters in the application processor and the Mali GPU.

It gathers the data in real time and displays the counter data as a series of graphs. This enables you to easily analyze the data from the counters and find bottlenecks.

For more information see Appendix B ARM® Streamline Performance Analyzer.

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