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Creating an AMBA-PV ACE master

This section describes how to create an AMBA-PV ACE master.


  1. Derive the master class from class amba_pv_ace_master_base (in addition to sc_module).
  2. Instantiate one master socket of class amba_pv_ace_master_socket for each connection to an AMBA® bus. Specify a distinct identifier for each socket.
  3. Implement the method invalidate_direct_mem_ptr().
    An ACE master does not need to implement this method explicitly if it does not support DMI.
  4. Implement the methods b_snoop() and snoop_dbg().
    An ACE master does not need to implement the method snoop_dbg() if it does not support debug transactions.
  5. Create and set an amba_pv_extension object. Set a pointer to this extension object in an amba_pv_transaction object before passing the amba_pv_transaction object as an argument to b_transport() or transport_dbg().
  6. On completion of the transaction, check the returned response status.
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