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DMC620 component

ARM® CoreLink™ DMC-620 Dynamic Memory Controller. This model is written in C++.

DMC620 contains the following CADI targets:

  • DMC620

DMC620 contains the following MTI components:

Limitations of the model:

  • It does not support address striping.
  • It works with linear addresses and not in rank,bank,row,column form.
  • It includes error injection and detection mechanisms and syndrome registers support only for RAS error types 4 (ECC single-bit SRAM error) and 5 (ECC double-bit SRAM error).
  • Scrubbing functionality is not provided.
  • It does not implement direct read or write commands.
  • It does not implement any performance counters.

The DMC-620 model has different interfaces to those in the hardware due to the level of abstraction of memory in Fast Models:

  • Like the hardware, the model has a slave port for configuring register accesses, apb_pvbus_s, and an AXI interface for incoming memory transactions that are attempting to access memory that is managed by the DMC.

  • The hardware component translates incoming transactions on the AXI interface to a format that is conducive to accessing DRAM chips. The model performs TrustZone® access control and models the DMC readiness state, but does not translate the transactions. If allowed, the model forwards incoming transactions to be handled by a memory storage handling component that works at the transaction level.

Table 4-60 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
all_or_interrupt_signal Signal Master A combined interrupt that is the logical OR of the other interrupts.
apb_pvbus_s PVBus Slave Programmers interface to program and control the DMC-620.
arch_fsm_interrupt_signal Signal Master The DMC has detected a change in the architectural state.
failed_access_interrupt_signal Signal Master The DMC has detected a system request that has failed a permissions check and a previously detected assertion was not cleared.
filter_pvbus_m PVBus Master DMC master port to memory.
filter_pvbus_s PVBus Slave System interface.
interrupt_cfh_master Signal Master The DMC has detected and corrected a single bit error on the RAM access.
interrupt_fh_master Signal Master The DMC has detected a double bit error on the RAM access.
reset_signal Signal Slave DMC reset.

Table 4-61 Parameters

Name Type Default value Description
override_default_config bool false Override default block-all behavior of DMC. Allow access to memory.
passthrough_debug_access bool false Always allow debug access to memory.
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