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Mali-V550 component

This section describes the Arm® Mali™-V550 component.

Mali™-V550 - about

This C++ component is a model of the Mali™-V550 Video Processor.

V550 contains the following CADI targets:

  • V550

V550 contains the following MTI components:

The model has the following limitations:

  • No support for HEVC and RealVideo decoders.
  • No support for 10-bit video output.
  • No profiling support.
  • No QoS support.
  • Power and Test modes are modeled only as register state changes.

The model requires an external OpenMAX (OMX) IL implementation for codec functionality. By default, V550 looks for ffomaxil.dll on Windows or on Linux in the model binary's directory or in the Fast Models installation. The default library path can be overridden using the parameter omx-library-path.

FFomaxIL is an OMX IL implementation provided by ARM in the Third-Party IP (TPIP) package for convenience. Refer to the TPIP package for more details on FFomaxIL.

When querying the OMX core, V550 searches for the following roles in the list of OpenMAX components:

  • H.264 decode: "video_decoder.avc".
  • JPEG decode: "video_decoder.mjpeg".
  • MPEG2 decode: "video_decoder.mpeg2".
  • MPEG4 decode: "video_decoder.mpeg4".
  • VC1 decode: "video_decoder.vc1".
  • VP8 decode: "video_decoder.vp8".
  • VP8 encode: "video_encoder.vp8".


To build example platforms containing V550, you must either install the TPIP package, or remove the dependency on FFmpeg and libvpx from the platform's sgproj file, by removing the line containing V5xx.sgrepo.

Mali™-V550 - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-107 Ports

Name Protocol Type Description
apb_s PVBus Slave Allows the application processor to access the video processor. Use for runtime configuration.
axi_m PVBus Master Enables the video processor to access system memory.
clk ClockSignal Slave Master clock input.
irq Signal Master Interrupt request from MVE to host processor.
reset Signal Slave Resets the video processor to a functional and passive state.

Mali™-V550 - parameters

This section describes the parameters.

Table 4-108 Parameters

Name Type Allowed values Default value Description
AXI_data_width uint32_t 3-4 4 AXI data width. Logarithmic byte notation.
64-bit. This value is only supported for ncores parameter values of 1 and 2.
128-bit. This value is supported for all possible ncores values.
enable_frame_rate_limiting bool true, false false Enable output rate control via the CLK port.
fuse_disable_AFBC bool true, false false AFBC support disabled by fuse.
fuse_disable_Real bool true, false false RealVideo support disabled by fuse.
fuse_disable_VP8 bool true, false false VP8 support disabled by fuse.
ncores uint32_t 1-8 1 Number of cores in the component.
omx_library_path string - "" Path to a user-provided OMX library. Leave blank to use FFomaxIL.
supports_10bit bool true, false true Component supports 10-bit content decoding.
supports_encoding bool true, false true Component supports encoding.
supports_VP8 bool true, false true Component supports VP8.
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