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Mali_G71 component

This section describes the Mali_G71 component.

Mali_G71 - about

This C++ component models the ARM® Mali™‑G71 GPU with some limitations.

The limitations are that the component:

  • Does not support performance counters.
  • Does not support ARMv8 style page tables.
  • Does not execute GPU shader programs.
  • Does not validate all register values or job descriptors.

Mali_G71 can either operate standalone, or with Generic Graphics Accelerator (GGA). With GGA, it can check for errors in your shader program and write the graphics to memory. For more details, see Generic Graphics Accelerator, in Fast Models User Guide.

Mali_G71 contains the following CADI targets:

  • Mali_G71

Mali_G71 contains the following MTI components:

Mali_G71 - ports

This section describes the ports.

Table 4-106 Mali_G71 ports

Name Protocol Type Description
pvbus_m PVBus Master The interface for the GPU to access external memory.
pvbus_s PVBus Slave The interface for the CPU to access the GPU registers.
irq_gpu Signal Master The interrupt signal generated from the GPU.
irq_job Signal Master The interrupt signal generated from the Job Manager on the GPU.
irq_mmu Signal Master The interrupt signal generated from the MMU on the GPU.
gpu_reset Signal Slave

Resets the GPU at the input Set.

The available inputs are Set and Clear.

prot_mode_m0 Signal Master Indicates the current state of the GPU.

When it outputs:

  • Set: The GPU is in protected mode.
  • Clear: The GPU is in normal mode.

Typically, connect this signal to the LabellerForGPUProtMode component. This enables the labeller to add a Non-Secure Access ID to the outgoing transaction on the labeller's pvbus_m port.

For the connection details, see LabellerForGPUProtMode.

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