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About example systems

The examples show how to set up and modify systems.

The installer installs the SystemC examples into $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport.

The examples use the AMBA-PV protocol and the components that accompany Fast Models. The SystemC TLM AMBA-PV API is in the Fast Models package, in $MAXCORE_HOME/AMBA-PV.

The examples assume:

  • main.cpp is the file that instantiates the EVSs, in addition to other SystemC components.
  • MySubsystem is the name of the top-level component of the Fast Models subsystem.
  • AConfig is the build configuration name, for example, Linux-Release-GCC-4.8.

To export your own subsystem, replace these names with names appropriate for your platform.


On Microsoft Windows 7, the Fast Models examples are installed in %PVLIB_HOME%\examples\. The installer creates a copy of them in %USERPROFILE%\ARM\FastModelsPortfolio_%FM-VERSION%\examples\. This copy allows you to save configuration changes to these examples without requiring Administrator permissions. If you are using Windows 7, for all project load operations in this chapter, replace the %PVLIB_HOME%-based location with this location.
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