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Running the examples

This section describes how to start the executables.


Start the generated executable directly, then load the application onto the platform.

> EVS_DualDhrystone_Cortex-A15x1-A15x1.x -a $PVLIB_HOME/images/dhrystone.axf

With a script

On the command line, execute the (Linux) or run.bat (Microsoft Windows) script.

This automatically loads the correct application onto the EVS and starts the SystemC simulation.

With debug support

Use the normal command to start the executable, but add the -S option.

To start the DualDhrystone application from a shell with a debug server, enter:

> ./ -S

To debug the application, attach Model Debugger to the simulation. All Model Debugger features, for example, source-level debugging, step, step over, and breakpoints, are available.

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