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Arm CoreLink SDK-200 System Design Kit Technical Overview : Supported processors

Supported processors

The following table lists the processors supported by the products in the CoreLink™ SDK‑200 bundle used to create a secure IoT system.

Table 2-1 Supported processors

 CoreLink SDK-200 products
Processor CM0SDK CMSDK LPD-500 SIE-200 System IP SSE-050 Subsystem SSE-200 Subsystem RTC TRNG
Cortex-M0 Yes Yes - - - - Yes Yes
Cortex-M0+ Yes Yes - - - - Yes Yes
Cortex-M23 - Limiteda Yes Yes - Limitedb Yes Yes
Cortex-M3 - Yes - Yesc Yes - Yes Yes
Cortex-M4 - Yes - Yesc - - Yes Yes
Cortex-M33 - Limiteda Yes Yes - Yes Yes Yes
Cortex-M7 - Limitedd - Limitedd - - Yes Yes
a Does not propagate all AHB5 attributes and is not security aware.
b Enabled by subsystem modification rights.
c Enabled by Cortex-M3/Cortex-M4 AHB5 Adapter component, which is part of SIE-200.
d Enabled by using the Cortex-M7 AHB bus and/or an AXI2AHB converter.
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