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AArch32 debug register summary

The following table summarizes the 32-bit and 64-bit debug control registers that are accessible in the AArch32 Execution state from the internal CP14 interface. These registers are accessed by the MCR and MRC instructions in the order of CRn, op2, CRm, Op1 or MCRR and MRRC instructions in the order of CRm, Op1.

For those registers not described in this chapter, see the Arm® Architecture Reference Manual Arm®v8, for Arm®v8-A architecture profile.

Table D1-1 AArch32 debug register summary

CRn Op2 CRm Op1 Name Type Reset Description
c0 0 c1 0 DBGDSCRint RO 000x0000 Debug Status and Control Register, Internal View
c0 0 c5 0 DBGDTRTXint WO - Debug Data Transfer Register, Transmit, Internal View
c0 0 c5 0 DBGDTRRXint RO 0x00000000 Debug Data Transfer Register, Receive, Internal View