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PMPCSSR, PMU Snapshot Program Counter Sample Register

The PMPCSSR holds the same value as the PCSR register at the time of the snapshot.

However, unlike the other view of PCSR, it is not sensitive to reads. That is, reads of PMPCSSR through the PMU snapshot view do not cause a new sample capture and do not change PMCIDSR, PMCID2SR, or PMVIDSR.

Bit field descriptions

The PMPCSSR is a 64-bit read-only register.

Figure D7-1 PMPCSSR bit assignments

NS, [63]
Non-secure sample.
EL, [62:61]
Exception level sample.
RES0, [60:56]
Reserved, RES0.
PC, [55:0]
Sampled PC.
There are no configuration notes.

Usage constraints

Any access to PMPCSSR returns an error if any of the following occurs:

  • The core power domain is off.
  • DoubleLockStatus() == TRUE.