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AArch64 behavior

The Cortex®‑A77 core is an Armv8 compliant core that supports execution in AArch64 state.

The following table shows the AArch64 behavior.

Table A5-2 AArch64 behavior

Address translation system The Armv8 address translation system resembles an extension to the Long descriptor format address translation system to support the expanded virtual and physical address space.
Translation granule

4KB, 16KB, or 64KB for Armv8 AArch64 Virtual Memory System Architecture (VMSAv8-64)

Using a larger granule size can reduce the maximum required number of levels of address lookup.

Address Space Identifier (ASID) size 8 or 16 bits depending on the value of TCR_ELx.AS
Virtual Machine Identifier (VMID) size 8 or 16 bits depending on the value of VTCR_EL2.VS
Physical Address (PA) size

Maximum 40 bits

Any configuration of TCR_ELx.IPS over 40 bits is considered as 40 bits. You can enable or disable each stage of the address translation independently.

The Cortex‑A77 core also supports the Virtualization Host Extension (VHE), including ASID space for EL2. When VHE is implemented and enabled, EL2 has the same behavior as EL1.

See the Arm® Architecture Reference Manual Armv8, for Armv8-A architecture profile for more information on concatenated translation tables and for address translation formats.

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