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Power domain states for power modes

The power domains can be controlled independently to give different combinations when powered up and powered down.

However, only some powered up and powered down domain combinations are valid and supported.

The PDCPU power domain supports the power states described in the following table.

Table A4-3 PDCPU power state description

Power state Description
Off Core off. Power to the block is gated.
Ret Core retention. Logic and RAM retention power only.
On Core on. Block is active.


States that are not shown in the following tables are unsupported and must not occur.

The following table describes the power modes, and the corresponding power domain states for individual cores. The power mode of each core is independent of all other cores in the cluster.

Table A4-4 Supported core power domain states

Power mode Power domain state Description
Debug recovery On Core on
On On Core on
Core dynamic retention Ret Core in retention
Emulated off On Core on
Off Off Core off

Deviating from the legal power modes can lead to unpredictable results. You must comply with the dynamic power management and powerup and powerdown sequences described in the following sections.

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