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Voltage domains

The Cortex®‑A77 core supports a VCPU voltage domain and a VSYS voltage domain.

The following figure shows the VCPU and VSYS voltage domains in each Cortex‑A77 core and in the DSU. The example shows a configuration with four Cortex‑A77 cores.

Figure A4-1 Cortex‑A77 voltage domains

Asynchronous bridge logic exists between the voltage domains. The Cortex‑A77 core logic and core clock domain of the asynchronous bridge are in the VCPU voltage domain. The DSU clock domain of the asynchronous bridge is in the VSYS voltage domain.


You can tie VCPU and VSYS to the same supply if the core is not required to support Dynamic Voltage and Frequency Scaling (DVFS). The core can still be powered down independently if it is in its own power domain with proper isolation.

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