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Error injection

The Cortex®‑A77 core supports fault injection for the purpose of testing fault handling software.

The core is programmable to inject an error for any of the possible error types (corrected error, deferred error, uncontainable error, and recoverable error) on a future memory access. When that access is performed, the core responds as if an error was detected on that access by asserting error interrupts, logging information in the error records, and taking aborts as appropriate for the type of error. Injecting an error will not affect the data in the RAM or the checking process itself. When a real error is detected on an access for which an injected error is programmed, the injected error will not prevent the core from handling the real error. The RAS register might log the injected error or the real error in this case.

To get the error injection to work:

  • Program the Error Record Select Register (ERRSELR_EL1) to select Error record 0.
  • Program the Error Record Control Register (ERR0CTLR) to enable error detection/recovery and fault detection.
  • Program the Error Pseudo Fault Generation Control Register (ERR0PFGCTL) to allow error injection.


Cacheable code must also be executed, which will cause cacheable transactions that can be injected with errors.

The following table describes all the possible types of error that the core can encounter and therefore inject.

Table A8-3 Errors injected in the Cortex‑A77 core

Error type Description
Corrected errors A corrected error is generated for a single-bit ECC error on L1 data caches and L2 caches, both on data and tag RAMs.
Deferred errors A deferred error is generated for a double-bit ECC error on L1 data caches and L2 caches, but only on data RAM.
Uncontainable errors An uncontainable error is generated for a double-bit ECC error on L1 data caches and L2 caches, but only on tag RAM.

The following table describes the registers that handle error injection in the Cortex‑A77 core.

Table A8-4 Error injection registers

Register name Description
ERR0PFGF_EL1 The ERR Pseudo Fault Generation Feature register defines which errors can be injected.
ERR0PFGCTL_EL1 The ERR Pseudo Fault Generation Control register controls the errors that are injected.
ERR0PFGCDN_EL1 The ERR Pseudo Fault Generation Count Down register controls the fault injection timing.


This mechanism simulates the corruption of any RAM but the data is not actually corrupted.

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