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17 Program output

MAP collects and displays output from all processes under the Input/Output tab. Both standard output and error are shown. As the output is shown after the program has completed, there are not the problems with buffering that occur with DDT.

17.1 Viewing standard output and error


Figure 100: MAP Standard Output Window

The Input/Output tab is at the bottom of the screen (by default).

The output may be selected and copied to the X-clipboard.

17.2 Displaying selected processes

You can choose whether to view the output for all processes, or just a single process.


Some MPI implementations pipe stdin, stdout and stderr from every process through mpirun or rank 0.

17.3 Restricting output

To keep file sizes within reasonable limits .map files will contain a summary of the program output limited to the first and last 500 lines (by default).

To change this number, profile with the environment variable ALLINEA_KEEP_OUTPUT_LINES set to the preferred total line limit (ALLINEA_KEEP_OUTPUT_LINES=20 will restrict recorded output to the first 10 lines and last 10 lines).

Setting this to 0 will remove the line limit restriction, although this is not recommended as it may result in very large .map files if the profiled program produces lots of output.

The length of each line is similarly restricted to 2048 characters. This can be changed with the environment variable ALLINEA_KEEP_OUTPUT_LINE_LENGTH.

As before setting this to a value of 0 will remove the restriction, although this is not recommended as it risks a large .map file if the profiled program emits binary data or very long lines.

17.4 Saving output

By right-clicking on the text it is possible to save it to a file. You also have the option to copy a selection to the clipboard.