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4 Starting

To start Arm Forge simply type one of the following commands into a terminal window:

forge program_name [arguments]

To start Arm Forge on Mac OS X , use the Arm Forge icon or type in the terminal window:

   open /Applications/Arm\ Forge/Arm [--args program_name [arguments]]

To launch additional instances of the Arm Forge application, right-click the Dock icon of a running instance of Arm Forge, and choose "Launch a new instance of Arm Forge". Alternatively, you can use the following command in a terminal:

   open -n /Applications/Arm\ Forge/Arm [--args program_name [arguments]]


Unless in Express Launch mode, you should not attempt to pipe input directly to the Arm Forge program. For information about how to achieve the effect of sending input to your program, please read section 9 Program input and output (DDT) or 28 Running MAP from the command line (MAP).

Once Arm Forge has started it will display the Welcome Page.


In Express Launch mode (see 5.2 Express Launch (DDT) or 16.1 Express Launch (MAP)) the Welcome Page is not shown and the user is brought directly to the Run Dialog instead. If no valid license is found, the program is exited and the appropriate message is shown in the console output.


Figure 11: DDT Welcome Page

The Welcome Page allows you to choose what tool you would like to use (DDT or MAP). Click the icons on the left hand side to switch tools.

Once you have selected the tool you want to use, click the buttons in the menu to select a debugging or profiling activity.