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Part II

Getting started
Running a program
Express Launch
remote-exec required by some MPIs
Debugging single-process programs
Debugging OpenMP programs
Manual launching of multi-process non-MPI programs
Debugging MPMD programs
Opening core files
Attaching to running programs
Starting a job in a queue
Using custom MPI scripts
Starting DDT from a job script
Attaching via gdbserver
Python debugging
Saving and loading sessions
Source code
Project Files
Finding lost source files
Finding code or variables
Go To Line
Navigating through source code history
Static analysis
Version control information
Controlling program execution
Process control and process groups
Focus control
Starting, stopping and restarting a program
Stepping through a program
Stop messages
Setting breakpoints
Suspending breakpoints
Deleting a breakpoint
Loading and saving breakpoints
Default breakpoints
Synchronizing processes
Setting a watchpoint
Version control breakpoints and tracepoints
Examining the stack frame
Align stacks
Viewing stacks in parallel
Browsing source code
Simultaneously viewing multiple files
Signal handling
Viewing variables and data
Current line
Local variables
Arbitrary expressions and global variables
Help with Fortran modules
Viewing complex numbers in Fortran
C++ STL support
Custom pretty printers
Viewing array data
UPC support
Changing data values
Viewing numbers in different bases
Examining pointers
Multi-dimensional arrays in the Variable View
Multi-dimensional array viewer (MDA)
Cross-process and cross-thread comparison
Assigning MPI ranks
Viewing registers
Process details
Interacting directly with the debugger
Program input and output
Viewing standard output and error
Saving output
Sending standard input
Comparison window
Message queues
Viewing the message queues
Interpreting the message queues
Memory debugging
Enabling memory debugging
CUDA memory debugging
PMDK Memory Debugging
Pointer error detection and validity checking
Current memory usage
Memory Statistics
Using and writing plugins
Supported plugins
Installing a plugin
Using a plugin
Writing a plugin
Plugin reference
CUDA GPU debugging
Preparing to debug GPU code
Launching the application
Controlling GPU threads
Examining GPU threads and data
GPU devices information
Attaching to running GPU applications
Opening GPU core files
Known issues / limitations
GPU language support
Offline debugging
Using offline debugging
Offline report output (HTML)
Offline report output (plain text)
Run-time job progress reporting