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F Platform notes

This page notes any particular issues affecting platforms. If a supported machine is not listed on this page, it is because there is no known issue.

F.1 Intel Xeon

Intel Xeon processors starting with Sandy Bridge include Running Average Power Limit (RAPL) counters. Performance Reports can use the RAPL counters to provide energy and power consumption information for your programs.

F.1.1 Enabling RAPL energy and power counters when profiling

To enable the RAPL counters to be read by Performance Reports you must load the intel_rapl kernel module.

The intel_rapl module is included in Linux kernel releases 3.13 and later.

For testing purposes Arm have backported the powercap and intel_rapl modules for older kernel releases. You may download the backported modules from:

Download backported modules


These backported modules are unsupported and should be used for testing purposes only. No support is provided by Arm, your system vendor or the Linux kernel team for the backported modules.


  • CUDA metrics are not available for statically-linked programs.
  • CUDA metrics are measured at the node level, not the card level.

F.3 Arm

F.3.1 Arm®;v8 (AArch64) known issues

  • Performance Reports may fail to finalize a profiling session if the cores are oversubscribed on AArch64 platforms. For example, this issue is likely to occur when attempting to profile a 64 process MPI program on a machine with only 8 cores. This issue appears as a hang after finishing a profile.

F.4 POWER8 and POWER9 (POWER 64-bit) known issues

  • Hardware watch points do not function on some POWER9 systems. Check with IBM for compatibility.