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C Known issues

The most significant known issues for the latest release are summarized here:

  • I/O metrics are not fully available on some systems, including Cray systems.
  • CPU instruction metrics are only available on x86_64 systems.
  • Thread activity is not sampled whilst a process is inside an MPI call with a duration spanning multiple samples.
  • Xeon Phi systems using many MPI ranks per card should set ALLINEA_REDUCE_MEMORY_USAGE=1.
  • Version 14.9 or later of the PGI compilers is required to compile the Arm Performance Reports MPI wrappers as a static library.
  • MPICH 3.0.3 and 3.0.4 do not work with MAP, DDT or Performance Reports due to a defect in MPICH 3.0.3/4. MPICH 3.1 addressed this and is fully supported.
  • Open MPI 2.1.3 works with Arm Performance Reports. Previous versions of Open MPI 2.1.x do not work due to a bug in the Open MPI debug interface.
  • On Cray X-series systems only native SLURM is supported, hybrid mode is not supported.
  • Performance Reports may fail to finalize a profiling session if the cores are oversubscribed on AArch64 architectures. For example when attempting to profile a 64 process MPI program on a machine with only 8 cores. This will appear as a hang after finishing a profile.

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