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This SoC Designer Tools interface includes the following:

  • The SoC DesignerSimulation API (MxSimAPI).
  • The SoC Designer Plugins interface.
  • The SoC Designer LCD/mouse/keyboard OS-integration interface.


New users must familiarize themselves with the SoC Designer tools. The SoC Designer User Guide (100996) and the SoC Designer Tutorial are recommended.

This guide contains advanced interfaces that are intended for users already familiar with SoC Designer.

SoC Designer is a SystemC simulationenvironment for easy modeling and fast simulation of integratedsystems-on-chip with multiple cores, peripherals, and memories.

The cycle-optimized scheduler and the transaction-based componentinterfaces enable high simulation speed while retaining sufficientaccuracy.

SoC Designer systems can be used as standalone simulationmodels or integrated into HW simulation or HW/SW co-simulation tools.

Third-party debuggers attach easily to one or more targetswithin SoC Designer for source level debugging and SW development.

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